Insured Success
Compare & Create Products
What does this include?
From concept to realization, this covers the writing of new and revised market-driven products -- complete, mapped and ready for legal review. Monica Cain will develop, revise and update your manuals, and informational materials to provide a competitive advantage for your staff, agents and brokers.
What will you get?
You will have a complete and fully compliant product, vetted by your legal and marketing teams, ready to introduce to your customers.
How about the support materials?
On completion of any learning module or documentation you will have full, descriptive materials that can be delivered in print or digitally (eg searchable on a server). All fully vetted by the relevant audience(s) to ensure their value internally and externally.
Why Monica Cain?
Monica has extensive knowledge and experience in the comparison of products for the insurance industry. She can create excellent, informative comparisons and explanations for your sales and service employees. Monica has a track record of reviewing, researching and creating fully compliant new products in the areas of ...
She brings a cross-disciplinary perspective with hands-on experience in operations, sales, product creation and training.
What is the advantage?
Create innovative engaged employees and loyal customers through market-driven programs and outstanding materials to help them fully understand your products.
Provide your underwriting staff with excellent material to provide them with insight into why rules and guidelines are necessary. This will help them to counsel and mentor agents and brokers and build closer relationships with your partners.
Tracking & Analysis of Exceptions
What is this?
Rules, guidelines and pricing are established to provide and inform the best choices for insurance companies and customers. In today's rapidly changing marketplace having the appropriate tracking and procedures in place for proactively identifying and responding to exceptions that fall outside the guidelines becomes a critical tool and potential competitive advantage for an organization.
What will you have upon completion?
A robust and fully documented program for identifying, collecting, tracking and handling exceptions. An integral piece of the program will be communicating the appropriate response to exceptions for internal and external stakeholders. In addition, an assessment of your existing system(s) for tracking and analysis of exceptions can be provided.
Why Monica Cain?
Monica Cain's deep background in analysis combined with her extensive corporate and industry training experience means she can both develop a rigorous program for the collection, review and recommendation of exceptions and can also develop the supporting materials essential to ensuring the program is successfully implemented and maintained
What is the advantage?
Faster trend identification and issue resolution will ensure you troubleshoot before issues become hurdles to your success. An ongoing structured review and reporting of alternate offerings can provide new and unique ideas for enhanced products and/or programs. Staff who are informed and aware of potential issues and early indicators are better positioned to fully support your customers' needs and your strategic direction and corporate philosophy.