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All or Nothing?

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I am watching some news and watching Doug Ford discuss the trip to LA by Rob Ford. My "issue" is with his statement that "all of the councilors will jump on for a free trip". How sad. Once again we hear the Fords refer to "them" and especially the use of "all". I have a belief that the use of "all of anyone" is a misstatement. How can all of anything or anyone but painted by someone and expected to be believed. This is true in politics and equally as true in the insurance business. We must always be careful that we make statements or decisions based on reality and not on biased rhetoric. Using a single brush to paint any group is simply small minded and always incorrect. There is not a herd or bunch or group of any living things that are identical.

A wise, thoughtful person will always allow that even if statistically something is almost always true, there are some who are part of that demographic that are not like the others.

Take care to be thoughtful and professional in all you say and decide.