Insured Success
Create & Present Customized Training
Why Invest in Training?
Sales, service and underwriting staff are more effective and motivated when they truly understand the range of insurance products and programs they work with. Customized training provides them with essential knowledge and a competitive advantage. Understanding the language of insurance products and knowing how to explain them to a customer in plain English will ensure your sales and service staff are highly valued by your customers.
What are the training options?
Monica can design course specific or product specific learning solutions including 360 assessments and training scorecards. She will come in and discuss a program or programs that will work best for your own organization.
Why Monica Cain?
With almost 30 years of highly successful training within various leading companies, and with the Insurance Institute of Canada, Monica has much to offer you. You are investing in a proven professional trainer who will design and lead a customized program to enhance your organization's performance, reputation and bottom line.